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PHAROS e.V. - International Education Projects and Humanitarian Aid


Humanitarian Projects of Pharos

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Agricultural Development Project

A huge percentage of the rural population in Bosnia are living far below the poverty line. They don’t get any state social aid and are living of what is growing in their gardens and little fields. The lucky ones get occasional jobs, mostly on construction, or minuscule pension payment – both not enough for a human life.

Our chicken farming project donated between 25 and 100 chicks and feed to poor families without any income, an initial investment for continuous low scale chicken farming.

The old and weak who are unable to work each got ten butchered chickens from our beneficiaries as a one-time support.

Donations:  Pharos e.V.  -  BIC: VOBADESSXXX  -  IBAN: DE61600901000365860000

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