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A life in dignity for an illegal mendicant

Verica is a citizen of Croatia and spent most of her life as a war refugee in many European countries.

Over the past years, she lived without valid documents in Sarajevo, in great poverty and without adequate housing, in constant fear of being arrested and expelled.

She was born in 1944, is single, and has no children and family what so ever. She survived thanks to begging and offering clothes from trash containers on the local flee market

Her life became so unbearable that she decided to return to Croatia, although she had no place to go and no one to go back to.

Pharos supported her return and new start financially and through social work. The guiding idea was that her new start should be in dignity. Under normal circumstances, people like her are arrested and transported to the border crossing. Pharos established fruitful cooperation with authorities in Bosnia and Croatia and made sure the necessary procedure were not harmful to her.

Verica left Sarajevo in mid-April 2009 and legally travelled to Croatia to a small town where she had lived and worked in the 1990ties. She got her identity documents, health insurance and social aid of 70 Euro per month. This is not sufficient to rent a room or a flat, and local social institutions are unable to offer free-of-charge accommodation. Thus Pharos purchased a second hand automobile caravan, which she put onto the property of a young family she had made friends with.

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